After Alena came home from Münich, it took her a week to sew her dress for David’s (her son) wedding. Using Herr Fromholzer’s Tölzer Rose pattern, and some cloth from Granny it looked splendid. Before we had taken some of our bags for an exhibition Mode(rne) Zeiten in Schloss Krobnitz. It is about 15 Km from Görlitz and was built by Graf von Roon who was Bismark’s Field Marshal General and the first preußisch Bundesminister. The woman organizing the exhibition in the museum there wants to display each for a few months, different examples of local Lausitz fashion during the year’s exhibition.

Yesterday we were in Herrnhut where the Sterne come from. At the moment Sachsen is flooded with Summer Markets, and the Herrnhut official had seen us by the Neugeisters, an Oberlausitz group of Handwerkers. He invited us to the Kunst & Werk Markt. When we don’t have to pay a fee and its within striking distance of Görlitz, then off we go. But because I think there are three markets this weekend in our region, and the world cup football, attendance at the market was limited, and we only managed to get some pocket money. We met a Canadian living for over 20 years in Herrnhut and an English musician who has been in Germany since the 1970’s and now lives in Löbau.

The birthday card comes from a lady, now retired, who had a shop next to the handwerkers Guild in the middle of the town. She also had a stall in the Festzelt. We bought one of her posters about 4 years ago, but she still makes the cards and some pretty patchwork bags. The Herrnhut Brethren are a missionary christian group that go around the world converting heathens to christianity and were founded by a Czech, Jan Hus who was the leader of the Hussiten in the 15th century. After I had set Alena up at the market I came home to go to a philosophy lecture. He was a friend of Franz Peter, an Irish Professer who had taught at the Berlin university. His theme was about Plotin, a Greek mystical philosopher from the 3rd Century. His teachings are similar to Jacob Böhme, but more Non-Dual, like Guru, where everything is one. It was worth it to go the 30 Km back and forth. I was surprised that the Café was packed, because the last Philosophe Café was not so well attended.